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5 Best Foods for Post-Workout Recovery

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While we focus on what we eat before a workout (energy without stomach discomfort) and during a workout (fuel to sustain), what we eat after workouts is often a free-for-all (anything in the pantry that will satisfy our hunger). But post-workout refueling is incredibly important to see performance and strength gains.


Properly refueling your body after exercise will accelerate the rate of recovery, allowing you to schedule workouts closer together and elevating your performance to the next level.

My five favorite foods for workout recovery:

1. Foods with a 4-to-1 ratio of carbs to protein
As you work out, your body starts to deplete the levels of glucose in your blood and must turn to glycogen — carbohydrates stored in your liver and muscle tissue — for fuel.

Replenishing muscle glycogen with a 4-to-1 carbohydrate-to-protein snack will help you to push harder tomorrow. Look for foods that are mostly carbohydrates…

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