Prostate cancer survivor posts selfie in just his underpants to warn others about disease

Kurt urged other men to check the Prostate Cancer website to see the list of symptoms, and if they have any doubt to get checked out straight away.Surgeons undertaking an operation

 Inspiration: He revealed his scars to highlight the disease

A prostate cancer survivor has posted a half-naked picture of himself with his colostomy bag on show in a bid to highlight the seriousness of the killer disease.

Kurt Jewson uploaded a selfie in his underwear to show off the results of a number of painful surgeries.

A catheter, colostomy bag and scars on his chest can be seen in what Kurt called “all my tubby, pale & middle aged glory”.

Kurt posted the inspirational picture on social media and urged men to check themselves for signs of prostate cancer after his doctor missed his symptoms for 12 months.

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Because of the delay, he was forced to undergo a serious of operations and chemotherapy – but now he is “hopefully” a cancer survivor.

He wrote: “I’ve got a Catheter, Stoma ( colostomy bag ), scars where you can see them, scars where you can’t, and hormone implants below my skin.

“I have another operation to come, and then radio and/or chemo therapy. Why am I posting this?

“Well, in the summer of 2014 I had blood in my urine. Went to the GP and he said that it was probably just an infection and would clear up.

Brave: Kurt’s selfie has gone viral

“It did. However, it wasn’t an infection. It was a symptom of Prostate Cancer.”

He added that if his doctor had sent his blood to be tested, in what’s called a PSA, then they would have caught the signs at an earlier and more manageable stage.

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He added: “Prostate cancer is becoming more prevalent in ‘younger’ men. Men our age. If you have blood in your urine, or any other symptom listed on prostateUK’s website, then get a blood PSA test.

“Insist upon it. If I had known earlier, then my treatment and prognosis would have been so different.

“As it was, my cancer was free to grow and grow for another 12 months without anyone knowing. So, there you go.

“Sorry to be so serious, but 1 in 6 of you (for that’s how many men will get prostate cancer) will bloody thank me one day!”

PASurgeons undertaking an operation
Scars: Kurt will have another operation to battle prostate cancer

The Cornwall dad has already inspired others to book in tests, Adam Gibbard posted: “Already heard from a friend in California that they have booked in for a test after reading your post.”

And Helen Kendall Nicholls said: “Well done Mr J! You are an inspiration and will have helped raise awareness for many. Proper Job! X”

The inspirational Facebook post has already had more than 40,300 shares and comments from well-wishers praising brave Kurt for the picture.

To see a full list of symptoms and to find out more about prostate cancer


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