Healthcare Options / Alternatives

I believe that being devoid of agency, (Ratner, 2002) for research purposes means that the results are independently correlated for the good of the whole of society rather than a particular subset.

How this relates to my topic and a healthcare issue a classmate referenced earlier:

“Exploring alternatives to our current set of hospital protocols”.

There has got to be a different approach to today’s sky rocketing cancer, HIV and Ebola rates. With the increasing price of antibiotics and antihistamines, a less expensive option should be eating healthier foods, like fresh vegetables and fruit with every meal through community gardening. Young families raising children are the biggest targets of junk food advertisers. Commercials on TV and you tube show happy families enjoying mealtime without the mess of preparing food. When the children get sick easily because they are run down due to lack of nutrients, the children are given multiple doses of medications along with a variety of immunizations.

What happens when the child becomes sick again in 3-4 months? The Practitioner prescribes more powerful medications. If the ailment does not get better, what next? An even powerful, pricy antibiotic. How about suggesting a healthier lifestyle? I believe we need more hospital managers appointed by a 3rd party entities (that are devoid of agency), such as the government, cdc, fda stepping in to monitor patient records and offering healthier alternatives by partnering with the schools. Some progressive cities have already developed similar programs.


Ratner, C. (2002). Subjectivity and objectivity in qualitative methodology. Qualitative Social Research, 3(3), Retrieved from